Slow Food Life

Slow Food Life

To experience various kinds of happiness in Taizhou mentioned by Marco Polo, come to taste the diversified delicacies of Taizhou. Let’s tell you how to make your tongue feel the happy flavor.

Taizhou Morning Tea, Warm Flavor

The morning of old Taizhou people begins with eating slowly. At 8:30 am, the tea houses at the Old Street have been bustling. Besides the old people at leisure, there are also several young friends or a whole family. They sit around a table, eating slowly and chatting. This always leaves us a warm impression. Do remember to eat tender and smooth Dried Beancurd Threads, which is supposed to be the soul of the breakfast in Taizhou. Then, have a share of Steamed Juicy Bun with Crab Meat and a bowl of Fish Soup Noodles. Dip the bun in vinegar and then bite it slightly. The gravy will flow out of your mouth, but the taste will immediately get rid of your feeling of being sleepy. Then, sip some tea to carry off the remaining juice in your mouth, and you will feel refreshed at once. No fish can be found in the milky fish soup which is stewed with mud eel bones, silver carp bones and pig leg for five hours. The noodles are hand-made, thin and resilient. The dish, although simple, has strong flavor of fish soup.

Three Delicacies of Yangtze River, Must-eat Classical Dishes

Fish knows first when the river becomes warm in spring. In peach flower season, Taizhou, along the Yangtze River, teems with fresh products. Located in the lower reaches of Yangtze River, Taizhou enjoys a good geographical location. The fish and shellfish produced there are famous nationwide. Saury, reeves shad and puffer fish, nurtured by the Yangtze River, are must-eat classical delicacies for tourists to Taizhou. As the saying goes, if you live by the river, you live off the river. The people of Taizhou have fully tapped the delicious aquatic products of the Yangtze River. Such classical dishes as Babao Saury, Steamed Shad, Dumpling with Saury Filling, Braised Puffer in Soy Sauce and Braised Yangtze River Trash Fish can even be available in some ordinary restaurants in Jingjiang, Taixing and Gaokang.

Upgraded Eight Delicacies of Qinhu Lake

Taizhou is bestowed with the Qinhua Lake, which provides “eight delicacies” for gourmands. In the eyes of gourmands, the “Feast of Eight Delicacies of Qinhu Lake” is more tempting than the scenery of Qinhu Lake Wetland. The splendid dinner includes the fat, tasty but not greasy Qinhu Duan Crab, Braised Turtle in Brown Sauce, Braised Old Goose in Brown Sauce, and light and fresh Braised Egg with Whitebait, Qinhu Shrimp Ball, Qinhu Fish Cake, Steamed Bream, Thick Soup with Whelks, Beancurd Soup with Clam Meat, Fried Lotus Root Slices with Green Pepper and self-stripped Trapa quadrispinosa. With refreshing Qinhu beer, the delicacies taste better. After enjoying the feast, one should visit the Qintong Ancient Town with a history of over one thousand years. The fish cakes, fish balls and shrimp balls sold along the street paved with granites are highly recommended.

Tasting the Fresh and Fragrant Dazha Crab

When autumn wind blows, fresh and fragrant Dazha Crab can be found on the dining tables in Taizhou. Steaming the crab is the most authentic and complete cooking method for Dazha crabs of Taizhou. After the steaming hot crabs are served, one can find tempting white crab meat under the orange red crab shell. If one can find a riverside place to enjoy the crabs and wine, the joyous feeling will surely upgrade the delicacies.