Slow Life in Four Seasons


Qintong Boat Festival

Every spring during the Pure Brightness FestivalQing Ming Festival, Qintong Boat Festival will arrive at Taizhou mirthfully. It is a traditional festival in Taizhou, with deafening sound of gongs and drums piercing the quiet Qinhu Lake Wetland. In a forest of bamboo bars, colourfully-decorated boats and dragon boats vie each other. The festival, originated from the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279), is a traditional celebration of distinctive regional features and customs in the Lixia River Area. To this day, the festival still develops well and attracts over 1,000 boats and 10,000 boatmen for competition, and over 100,000 viewers. Qintong Boat Festival is reputed as the best boat festival in the world both at home and abroad.

Breathtaking Camellia

In Qintong Ancient Town near Qinhu Lake, walk along granite streets lined with shops, see riverside houses of white walls and grey tiles and enjoy "China's Best Camellia Tree"--Qintong Ancient Camellia Tree hidden in the tranquil yard. This tree about one thousand years old will come in full bloom every March around Pure Brightness FestivalQing Ming Festival, very beautiful.

Splendid Rapeseed Blossoms

There are no other plants like rapeseed which is seen almost everywhere in cultivated lands. There is no place like Xinghua where rapeseed blossoms are fused into watery scenery. Every year around Pure Brightness FestivalQing Ming Festival, stacked farmland of various shapes transforms into "gold islets" across broad water, with golden rapeseed blooming on the islets. The flowers generally grow one meter high, and you can only feast your eyes on the beautiful, magnificent scene at the observation platform in the scenic region.

Enchanting Peach Blossom

In your spring visit to Taizhou, you can never miss peach blossom. Every March, 3,000 peach trees of hundreds of varieties in the Peach Garden compete in full swing, which continues to late April. The graceful pink even eclipsed nearby Fengcheng River. At that time, a Peach Flower Festival themed "Finding True Love" will be staged.


Delicious Breakfast of Old Street

In Taizhou, local people like to say "eat" breakfast, which vividly reveals the richness and fun of Taizhou breakfast. Walk into an obscure shop at the Old Street in the early morning, you will find it packed with local people having breakfast. Dried Beancurd Threads in Consommé, Fish Soup Noodles and Steamed Juicy Bun with Crab MeatRoe...These are three routine breakfast dishes for local people. When finished, never forget to order a pot of premium Longjing tea. For Taizhou people, a good breakfast is a combination of flavour and amusement. If not rushed for time, Taizhou people may have breakfast in the tea house while enjoying fantastic ancient Hailing music or interesting story-telling. What a wonderful life!

Can't Miss Night Tour of Fengcheng River

If you want to enjoy beautiful night scenes of Taizhou, you must try night tour of Fengcheng River. "Night tour" has always been considered as the essence of Taizhou tour. Nothing can compare to a night cruise tour of Fengcheng River in the comfortable, cool breeze from May to October. As the boat cruises, you can enjoy famous buildings and gardens on both sides, see Sanxing (Fu, Lu, Shou or Fortune, ProsperityProsperity, Statusand, Longevity) in costumes of the Ming and Qing dynasty while refreshing yourselves in the cool breeze. Illuminated by lights, bridges span across glistening Fengcheng River quietly, just like maiden rising from bath. If you're fan of traditional Chinese opera, you can watch Kunqu performance of Peach Blossom Fan in the boat, which is definitely an extraordinary experience.

Opera Performance Teaching in Plum Garden

Taizhou has a long history of opera culture, and Chinese opera fans can never miss the Plum Garden, Peach Garden and Willow Garden in the Fengcheng River Scenic Area. Your camera may not record graceful opera singing, but can capture your most dynamic posture when learning opera singing. The Plum Garden is built to commemorate the Peaking Opera master Mei Lanfang, and the white marble statue of Mei in the garden is the final work of Liu Kaiqu, the creator of Monument to the People‘ s Heroes in Beijing. If you visit the garden in the morning, you may get luck to see the performance of amateurs on the stage. If available, you can seek advice from them and strike a pose on the stage.

Fantastic Sea View in Wanghai Building

Wanghai Building is a landmark in Taizhou. Taizhou, also called Hailing in the ancient times, gets the name for sitting beside the sea. Sea waters are now receding, but the fame of "sea view (Wanghai)" still remains. The building in the Fengcheng River Scenic Area was first built in 1229 AD (Southern Song Dynasty) and wonin the title of "No.1 Building in Jianghuai region" for its elegant contour and smooth lines. When you ascend high in the building, you can enjoy magnificent view, very refreshing. Many Chinese celebrities including Shi Naian, Wang Gen, Lu You, Fan Zhongyan, Ouyang Xiu and Yue Fei once left their footprints here.

Kill Time in Qiaoyuan Garden

Qiaoyuan Garden, also called Rishe Garden, was built during the period of Emperor Wanli in the Ming Dynasty in the old town. As the earliest classical private garden in the northern Jiangsu area, the garden has witnessed four owners in the rises and falls of 400 years, and has close connections with salt tax culture in Taizhou. In the Qing Dynasty, the garden was owned by Qiao Songnian, salt controller of Huainan and Huaibei areas. This is how Qiaoyuan Garden got its name.

Walking in the garden, you can appreciate its delicacy and natural charm, experiencing living attitudes of Taizhou tax controllers at that time and feeling the depth of history. Stop in wandering mind may be the best way to experience Qiaoyuan Garden.

Devout Pray in Ancient Shousheng Monastery

The monastery built in the Song Dynasty dates back more than 700 years, and is one of fourteen great Buddhist temples in Taizhou. The monastery was destroyed during the Cultural Revolution, and then restored in the scenery Qinhu National Wetland Park. Let's pray for happy life with devout blessings, and let depression and sadness go with burning incense.

Qinhu Lake Wetland, Listening to Affectionate and Mellow Songs

Coming to Qinhu Lake Wetland, it is a must to take a boat and listen to boatwoman singing. As the boat flows, the breathtaking views along both banks change also. The simple boatwoman in her unique blue floral cloth, rows the boat gently, as if playing an attracting prelude. Deep in the water, you will listen to a genuine folk song resounding, perfect match with the water scenery.

Yunhai Hot Spring, Enjoying A Water Carnival

Be prepared for a close encounter with cool and happy at OCT Yunhai Hot Spring in the summer. The fabulous performance and the dazzling pool party is a wonderful choice for tourists in the hot summer. Say goodbye to the burning hot and dip down in a lakeside pool. Far away the Qinhu Lake is amazing as usual, and deep inside enjoys the inner peace surrounded by the Buddhist music floating distant.


A Date with Crab in the Pleasant Autumn

As China's famous economic city of natural abundance, Taizhou's crabs feature rich roe and meat with tender and delicious taste. Also, here has unique crab culture, including "Eight Ways to Eat Crab" and "Three Odd Things about Crab". Eight Ways to Eat Crab: Qinhu Lake Duan crab, Xinghua red-roe crab, crab soup dumpling, crab roe bun, Zhongzhuang drunk wine preserved crab, bean starch sheets with crab roe, meatball of crab meat, and tofu stewed with crab roe. Three Odd Things about Crab Qinhu Lake Duan crab: those crabs climbing across the bamboo crab are definitely of great physique, thus more delicious than ordinary ones; Zhongzhuang drunkwine preserved crab requires 21 procedures, and the finished products is as fresh ones, with tender meat and exceedingly great taste; crab soup dumpling is recommended by both Discovery channel and A Bite of China on CCTV, it requires great skills to make, and to eat as well!

Row Away in this Wetland Heaven of Crabs

Follow the attracting smell of crab into the wetland in the autumn, and feel the heaven-like quietness. Vast stretches of high, dense and lush reeds seem endless, all the way beyond your imagination. The tender water sound resounds, the unknown birds tweeting in the distance, and the lush woods covers every bit of the bank. Every where you do, Qinhu Lake would always present you with amazing views. This is a maze of green, and also a heaven of creatures. Sitting on a boat with oar propelling, the squeaky paddling sound would bring you into a refreshing dream.

Appreciating Chrysanth, Eating Crab, and Drifting Away in a Raft

After gently rowing through Qinhu Lake, it will be different fun to drift in rift at Lizhong Aquatic Forest Scenic Spot. Here has small zigzag bridge of fir and simple tiny pavilion hiding in the woods. Walking here, you are feasted with wonders of the nature. Get on a rift and down along the river, you are lucky to appreciate the tall metasequoia woods, the magic water birds, groups of wild egrets flying, and cultured peacocks strolling. There is also a lotus pond. Though not in full bloom, but the withered lotuses are also of great fun. Coming to Lizhong in Autumn, all kinds of lake fishes are waiting for you. Also, you can appreciate chrysanth and eat crabs (red roe), featuring "rich and crystal-like roe, jade like meat of attracting smell and taste".

Returning to Ancient Times

Speaking of Huangqiao Town also in Taixing, you may first think of "Huangqiao Sesame Seed Cake". This old town, in fact, is home to great names and interesting views. Wherever you go in the Huangqiao Old Town, you will find ancient stories: The small Old Street is home to dozens of provincial and city-level cultural protection sites and a number of historical relics and ruins; Founding fathers Chen Yi and Su Yu, Vice Admiral Zhu Luvxian, Comedian Ding Xilin, Geologist Ding Wenjiang, and Shaanxi supervisory censor He Tang of Ming Dynasty all used to come here with lots of interesting stories for you to find.

Autumn always accompanies with gold, and the ginkgo leaf is a perfect example. Xuanbao Town of Taixing is "China's Ginkgo Town", and the famous Ancient Ginkgo Forest Park is located here. Roaming in the park, you are walking into a golden fairly land without boundary. There are Here have old trees weathering thousands of years' rain and wind, and also new trees thriving. HAt here, you understand what is true quietness of Autumn. Apart from great views, the nutritive ginkgo seeds are of great popularity. Reasonable use can help to promote health and life.


Falling Love with Hot Spring with Crab Soup Dumpling

After a comfortable bathing in hot spring, eating a crab soup dumpling just out of steamer is just fabulous. Genuine crab soup dumpling of Taizhou uses only Duan crab weighing over four taels, thus keeping crab oil to its best. The steamed bun completed dumpling features paper-like wrapper almost transparent, and through it you can see soup shaking inside, as if to break with a gentle touch. Eating it also requires great skills: "Lift up gently, get a cut first, and then eat the soup". The fresh soup hot in your mouth delivers great comfort to every inch of your body! This is really comfort!

Tiande Lake, Comfort and Tranquillity

Bathing in dozens of feature hot spring bonds with natural spring water from 1200 m deep, watching the beautiful Tiande Lake in a world of blooming flowers and trees, you will never find another natural match between hot springs and natural scenes at Tiande Lake. Based on customers' five senses and characteristics of four seasons, there are ponds with Chinese traditional medicine, ponds for couples, and stone slab corridor with terrestrial heat. The comfort and tranquillity here washes away the tiredness and the noise, making this natural beauty even more attracting.

Yunhai Hot Spring, A Health Promotion Trip

Qinhu Lake is well endowed with great resources, with China's rare "Sanyuan Hot Spring" that can be traced back over 1000 years ago. The spring water has a number of mineral elements good for human body, including metasilicic acid, strontium, and lithium. Constant temperature, lots of beneficial microelements and completely transparent 360° dome, as well as spring bonds of all sizes scattered here and there could meet demands of most tourists. Bathing in the hot spring, let your mind fly away with the hot air into the nature. Also, you can try 100% natural therapy with natural materials and pure hand operation. The original Huashi 6-in-1 health promotion therapy offers some genuine pleasure and essence of Buddhist spirits.