Slow Aquatic Life

Slow Aquatic Life

The river runs through the city, washing away the noises; and several breezes slow down the life. In Taizhou, one can experience the slow exquisite, happy life, original but also fashionable. One can walk slowly and leisurely in Taizhou nurtured by the Yangtze River, Huaihe River and Yellow Sea. The city offers you green tea, peach blossoms, blue water and scenery everywhere…

Boating in Qinhu Lake Slowly with Pleasure

The blue water and grass and trees create a refreshing, exuberant and pleasant world. With birds, fish, reeds, elks and Chinese alligators and so on, the Qinhu Lake National Wetland Park creates an ecological legend. The unique wetland ecological environment and the folk culture of Lixiahe Watertown form special sights of Qinhu Lake Wetland. Sitting in a boat, one can fully enjoy himself or herself in the paradise with the accompaniment of boatwoman’s light singing.

Touring the Elegant Fengcheng River by Boat at Night

The old city proper of Taizhou has always been accompanied by Fengcheng River. The quietly flowing Fengcheng River not only passes through the city but also surrounds it, bearing the mission of a moat and closely integrated into the city proper. It is the best time to tour Fengcheng River by boat at night from May to October every year. After buying a boat ticket with dozens of Yuan, one can sit in a boat to enjoy the cool breeze and night scenery of the old city leisurely. It will be a great refined pleasure.

Yunhai Hot Spring for Leisure and Health

“Eating steamed juicy buns and taking a bath” summarizes the leisurely life of Taizhou people. A hot water bath is the most comfortable and slow enjoyment at night to relieve one day’s fatigue. The hot spring for both leisure and health is a fashionable interpretation of Taizhou for “taking a bath”. Here, the OCT Yunhai Hot Spring is a wonderful place to experience hot spring bath. The natural spring water contains a variety of minerals, very useful to the human body. It can be described as a gift given by the affectionate nature. Fully immersed in the soft spring water, one will feel relaxed naturally and allow the warm water drive out both mental and physical fatigue. Then, one only expects the leisurely time to go slower!

A Fashionable and Romantic Cruise

A fashionable and romantic cruise experience can be realized on the “Century Pargon” operated by Chongqing Century Cruise. Under the blue sky and on the limpid river, one can also enjoy various delicacies and an audio-visual feast during the cruise. Since this cruise ship berthed in Taizhou for the first time, a new fashionable tourism era of Taizhou has arrived!

The Most Beautiful Sea of Flowers, Stunning the World

Boats go in the river but people in the boats see flowers around. If you visit Taizhou in fine spring, you must go to the Qiandao raised fields to appreciate flowers. Passing through the densely distributed raised fields in a boat, one can see golden rape flowers around and smell light fragrance. Industrious and wise ancestors created such a wonder. After over 750 years of development, it has become a scientifically planned and more picturesque Thousand-Islet Rape Flower Scenic Area, striking the world again.