Qianduo Scenic Area

Qianduo Scenic Area

Brief introduction / BRIEF INTRODUCTION

Located in Ganggu Township, Xinghua City, this scenic area is crisscrossed by rivers and dotted with raised fields, thus the name “country of ten thousand islets”. The raised fields in watertown have different approaches but equally satisfactory results with terraced fields on mountain. In dry season, people dug out the mud in bottomlands and piled the mud on higher places to form raised fields. The raised fields, varying in size and shape, are separated from each other, not accessible without boat. Therein, one must find his or her presence in a position of dragon door set by ancient people. It is said that the raised fields constituted the Eight-Diagram battle array formed by Taizhou Prefect Yue Fei to fight against the Jin troops. Around the Pure Brightness Festival when rape flowers are in full bloom, the blue sky, green water and “golden islets” always create a wonder.

Traffic / TRAFFIC


In Xinghua Bus Passenger Terminal, there is bus directly heading for the scenic area, charging 6-7 Yuan. The trip lasts for 30-40 minutes. During the

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