Qinhu Lake National Wetland Park

Qinhu Lake National Wetland Park

Brief introduction / BRIEF INTRODUCTION

Wetland – “kidney of the earth”, forming three major ecosystems of the earth with ocean and forest. Qinhu Lake National Wetland Park is a national 5A-level scenic area, the first national-level wetland park in Jiangsu Province and the second of its kind in the whole country. Located at Lixiahe area, one of the three famous marsh lands in the country, it covers an area of 26 square km, a typical semi-natural agricultural wetland park in suburbs. It is home to 150-plus species of wild plants and over 90 kinds of wild animals (including elk, red-crowned crane, Chinese alligator and other rare species). Qintong Boat Festival, Wetland Ecological Tourism Festival and Qinhu Lake (Eight Fresh) Food Festival are held every year in the park.

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