Lizhong Aquatic Forest Scenic Spot

Lizhong Aquatic Forest Scenic Spot

Brief introduction / BRIEF INTRODUCTION

Located 17 km northwest of the downtown of Xinghua, it is the province’s largest artificial wetland ecological forest, a natural oxygen bar for urbanites. Covering a total area of 103.3 hectares, the scenic area is composed of raised forest plots and channels. Trees in the forest are mainly pond cypresses. Beautiful egrets fly in the forest, making the whole scenic area lively and pleasant. It is a haven for wildlife, accommodating more than 60,000 birds at most. At dusk, the homing birds cover the sky, creating a magnificent sight. There are also a number of attractions unique to modern watertown, such as water lanes in the forest, plank bridge, Wondrous Oblivion Woods, Buyun Bridge, fishing area and recreational area.

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