Qintong Ancient Town

Qintong Ancient Town

Brief introduction / BRIEF INTRODUCTION

Located at the northeast corner of Jiangyan City, the Qintong Ancient Town is a famous historical and cultural town in China at the junction of Taizhou, Yancheng and Nantong cities. As an old saying goes, “Barks in Qintong can be heard in three counties.” The intelligent and diligent students of Qintong have been nurtured by the Qinhu Lake, creating unique scholarly atmosphere. According to preliminary statistics, there were over one hundred successful candidates in the provincial and final imperial examinations, rare in the history of Chinese imperial examinations. Modern celebrities include calligrapher Gao Ershi, Li Deren and Li Deyi, “two brothers, each with two academician titles”, and sculptor Wu Weishan. The town is surrounded by water, with each household living by the river. Buildings in the town are characteristic: The exquisite residential houses are closely distributed along deep lanes and have old wells in courtyards respectively. Streets are paved with granites. Only persons can pass at the narrow places of the winding lanes. The Chinese scholar trees of the Tang Dynasty (618-907), tens of thousands of old camellias of the Song Dynasty (960-1279) and Chinese littleleaf boxes of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) add luster to the ancient architectural complex covering 60,000 square meters and 12 protected cultural relics units. At present, main attractions in the town include Returned Fishing Boats at Dongguan, Former Residence of Academicians, (Huaying Qinggao (Flowers Reflected in Limpid Pool), Folk Custom Museum, Buddhist Temple with Ancient Chinese Scholar Trees, Shuiyun Building, Contract Hall and Overwater Negotiation Site.

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